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Savvy mobile marketers know that over 90% of app installs will stop using an app within 30 days. There is no better way to bring those unengaged users back to your abandoned app than with a re-engagement campaign.

Today, Liftoff is officially launching ProductFeed Retargeting – a re-engagement feature specifically benefiting ecommerce and travel apps. The new Product Feed Retargeting helps entice lost shoppers back to an abandoned app and complete actions they started but did not complete. (more…)

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The recently released Liftoff 2017 Mobile Gaming Apps report highlights the most prominent user acquisition trends and benchmarks from 2016. It’s full of compelling data that any mobile app marketer of gaming apps will find of value.

The report tracks the cost of gaming app installs, registrations, and in-app purchases (IAP), breaking down data by OS platform, demographics, and region, as well as comparing data across a range of gaming categories (action-adventure, card, casino, casual, puzzle and strategy).

In this post we focus on the monthly CPI and IAP trends from last year in the gaming apps category.


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AppsFlyer just released their bi-annual Mobile Performance Index. The Index ranks the top performing mobile ad networks and demand side platforms (DSPs) like Liftoff. If you spend on marketing mobile apps, it’s a good read, especially if you’re looking to test new channels for app installs.

In a nutshell, the Index ranks the top performing networks and DSPs based on (1) how well they can scale, and (2) the quality of the app installs, as measured with a 30 day retention window. (more…)

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Last week we hosted the very first Mobile Heroes event at MoPub headquarters in San Francisco.  It was great to see so many marketers of non-gaming apps having meaningful discussions about the challenges they face on a daily basis and getting valuable advice from other marketers who have found themselves in the same position. We’re hopeful this is the start of a community that will continue to grow and thrive.

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